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Location and Directions

Brief History


Location and Directions

  • Directions from M60 J17

    1. Follow A56 Whitefield on the Bury New Road.

    2. At 2nd set of lights filter left with McDonalds on your left. Now on Higher Lane.

    3. Straight on at lights with St.Phillips HS on left.

    4. You'll then pass Stand CC on your right and then traffic lights. Go straight on.

    5. Now on Dales Lane. At mini roundabout at bottom turn left onto Radcliffe New Road.

    6. At lights at bottom turn right and follow road around right hand bend to mini crossroads. Turn right.

    7. Now on Chuch Street West, go under bridge and follow road around to left to T junction.

    8 Turn right at T junction

    9. Now on Cross Lane, you'll pass the Staff Of Life Pub on right and then turn right by Radcliffe Chemist into Croft Lane which is 30m tarmac then a dirt track. Club at bottom on left.

  • Directions from Bury

    1. A56 to Whitefield and turn right onto Radcliffe Road at lights just after Holy Cross College.

    2. Having passed Newbank Garden Centre on right take next left (Eton Hill Road)

    3. At end turn right onto Cross Lane.

    4. You'll see a Chinese Chippy then Radcliffe Pharmacy on left. Turn left into Croft Lane immediately after Pharmacy.

Brief History


The East Lancashire Paper Mill (ELPM) was the first limited paper mill to be founded in Lancashire. The  cricket club started out as the cricket section of the ELPM recreation club which allowed workers from the mill and opportunity to explore their leisure interests.


A lane passes east west through the site, which was called ‘The Green’ at this time and later became Church Street. However, one of the most interesting aspects of the 1843 plan is the line of the original Roman Road, which runs north/south through the site on the line of Croft Lane. Historically there were seven lodges (which have now been drained). The area between the lodges was originally used for filter beds but in the early 20th century became a cricket pitch connected to the works.

Historical Snippets 1

• Previously a member of the Bolton and District Association & Saddleworth league,

• It was not before the club decided that they should be able to enjoy a pint or two after matches and so from 1935 they applied for a licence.

• Players didn’t own their own equipment and so the club bought for the 1935 season 1 bag, 2 bats, 1 ball (for practicing), 2 pairs batting gloves, 2 pairs of batting pads and 1 bag of balls. The scorer was paid extra for away matches as they had to ensure the safe return of the equipment bag.

• The first professional at the club was G Smith in 1936, 1937 and this was funded by Mr John Seddon

Historical Snippets 2

• Season tickets introduced at 3/6d for men and 2/-d for women

• Playing subscriptions were in force by the 1939 season and anyone not paying 3/6d before the end of May did not play !

• 1939 Mr John Seddon succeeded the late C.R. Seddon as club president.

• 1940 Bar business was booming so the club opened a bank account with Martins Bank Ltd

• 1940 with the start of the war Mr Leslie Prestwich was appointed deputy secretary with the view to taking over the role of current secretary Mr Allen Openshaw when he was called up for service with H.M. Forces.

• H.M. force could be admitted to cricket matches for 2d 1941.

• 1941 Champions

Historical Snippets 3

• Ordered taxis to take players to away matches 1942

• Ladies allowed to be elected members at a subscription of 1/-d year. This allowed them to use the club on Saturday evenings & social evenings & use of the bowling green.

• Friendly with an Army XI (based at Lowercroft) on Sunday 31st May 1942.

• 18th August 1942 – Bar committee won vote to have pumps in the bar as it was thought “this would keep the beer in better condition”.

• 25th May 1943 – RAF Heaton park applied for a friendly cricket match.

• Charity match with Royal British legion Radcliffe branch with proceeds going to the Legion Cigarette Fund and the Bury infirmary.

• Club practices were held on Tues and Thurs and only players with correct footwear be allowed to practice and the practice should be carried out “in an orderly manner”.

• 1944 champions







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